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Virtual Center Perf Chart service encountered an internal error

On a Virtual Center 4 update 1 installation I noticed an Perf Charts service error on the performance overview tab. The advanced performance tab is functioning as normal. There are 3 VMware KBs related to this type of error: KB1009872

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SMVI: Snapmanager for VI

Last week Netapp released there first SMVI release. SMVI integrates VMware snapshots and Netapp snapshots to take consistent backups. To do this SMVI takes VMware snapshots before taking a snapshot of the volume on the Netapp. Now you can backup

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Free ESXi

VMware recently released a free version of ESXi. Ideal for people that are running their own little home-datacenter ;-) Rich over at VM /ETC blog wrote a nice article discussing the limitations of this free version. As for me, the

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PowerGui integrates with VI Client

Dmitri over at Dmitry’s PowerBlog just posted about the integration between PowerGui and the VI client. I had already installed the PowerGUI 1.5.1 version but hadn’t noticed the plugin for the VI Client. This makes managing your VMware environment using 

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Thinapp 4.0: Application virtualization

I regularly need to administer EMC Clariion SANs for which Java JRE 1.4 is needed. Unfortunately some other websites/applications need a more recent Java version. Before I used a separate VM with an XP and Java 1.4 installed on it

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VI Toolkit 1.0 Released

Last week VMware officially released the VI Toolkit for Windows. They replaced get-viserver with connect-viserver. get-viserver is now an alias for connect-viserver. disconnect-viserver was added which allows you to do a clean disconnect. Hence the rename of the get-viserver cmdlet.

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