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Hyper-V 3.0 Remote PowerShell Connection

Last weekend I upgraded both my laptop and server, a desktop with an attitude actually, to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. One of the improvements I’m personally longing for is the extended support for PowerShell v3. Besides upgrading the

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Using PowerShell for Organizing your Photo Library

Finally I’ve found a decent solution for moving my digital photographs to a date based hierarchy on my NAS: My Photos are organized in a “Year\Year-Month\Year-Month-Day” structure based on the date the picture was taken. I’m very happy with

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Command Based Help Gotcha

I’ve had the chance to play around with some PowerShell scripting again. A nice occasion to try and include some Comment Based Help I read about in TechNet Magazine a couple of months ago. However I couldn’t get it to

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PowerCLI autocompletion for Notepad++

Notepad++ supports Powershell from version v5.6 but the VMware PowerCLI cmdlets aren’t included. So I created PowerCLI Language definition file for syntax highlighting. It contains the cmdlets available in vSphere PowerCLI 4 Update 1 and vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI 4

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PowerCLI: Configuring additional portgroups

I had to configure additional portgroups based on vlanids on a vSphere cluster. I couldn’t use host profiles to apply the configuration on all hosts. The script asks for vCenter IP or FQDN Cluster Name vSwitch name Path to the

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Bulk Creating Active Directory groups

One of my colleagues gave me a list of AD groups for the sharepoint environment he’s confguring. Instead of creating them manually I used the Quest ActiveRoles management shell. import-csv ‘SecurityGroups.csv’ | foreach { New-QADGroup -Parent $_.ParentContainer -Name $_.Name -sAM

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Automating a powershell demo using AutoHotKey

I gave a custom Exchange 2007 course to one of our customers yesterday. Not unsurprisingly, it also included a demo of Exchange Management Shell (EMS). These demos tend to end up in a quest for the exact command, which is

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