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Split CSV to TXT

Question: How to split a csv file in one txt file per line? The first column in the CSV provides the name for the TXT-file and the second one the contents.

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Closing open Lotus Notes file

The users at a certain customer have a problem with reopening Lotus Notes if their session is not closed properly (e.g. because of a crash of a terminal server). They keep receiving the error message “Domino Server still running” until

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I’m using PsTools a lot for the moment. These nifty command line tools prove very efficient for remotely administering a bunch of servers (e.g. checking the state of a service or restarting it). One of the drawbacks however is that

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The old Lotus Notes client at my current assignment doesn’t seem to like UNC-paths. If I want to make sure links are clickable I need to convert the path to a URL. I originally used a excel workbook for it,

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