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Hyper-V 3.0 Remote PowerShell Connection

Last weekend I upgraded both my laptop and server, a desktop with an attitude actually, to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. One of the improvements I’m personally longing for is the extended support for PowerShell v3. Besides upgrading the

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Powercli script to start/stop Local/Remote Tech Support Mode

After the installation of the latest vSphere 4.1 patches all our hosts showed a warning regarding the Tech Support Modes being enabled. I took the time to write a script to start/stop theses services on the hosts in the vCenter

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Disconnected host in vCenter server

One of our vSphere host showed as disconnected in vCenter. Connecting directly to the host with the vSphere client wouldn’t work neither. When restaring the services on the host I was able to connect directly but within one minute the

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Start/Stop Tech Support Mode on vSphere hosts

After the installation of the latest vSphere 4.1 patches all hosts displayed a warning about Local & Remote Tech Support Mode being enabled. As I didn’t file like manually stopping the services on every host I took the time to

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CBTMotion error during storage VMotion

Last I encountered some errors while doing a storage VMotion for a couple of VMs during a migration from ESX 3.5 to vSphere 4.1. When looking in the logs for the CBTMotion errors I found following messages. CBTMotion: scsi0:1: Clone:

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DRS Host Affinity rules

One of the new features in vSphere 4.1 is the ability to configure Host affinity rules for DRS. These enable you to split your vSphere cluster in several groups of hosts and assign assign a subset of your VMs to

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VMware updates released

VMware just released vSphere 4.1, Site Recovery Manager 4.1 and VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.3. What’s new in vSphere 4.1. The downloads can be found at: vCenter 4.1 ESX 4.1 – Release Notes ESXi 4.1 – Release Notes Site Recovery

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