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Automating a powershell demo using AutoHotKey

I gave a custom Exchange 2007 course to one of our customers yesterday. Not unsurprisingly, it also included a demo of Exchange Management Shell (EMS). These demos tend to end up in a quest for the exact command, which is

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Closing open Lotus Notes file

The users at a certain customer have a problem with reopening Lotus Notes if their session is not closed properly (e.g. because of a crash of a terminal server). They keep receiving the error message “Domino Server still running” until

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Hooking up SQLite and PowerShell

I’ve been playing around with SQLite on the command line (cmd that is) a bit. I immediately started wondering if it would be possible to combine this portable SQL engine with PowerShell, but I couldn’t find any working samples on

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VI Toolkit scripting contest winners announced.

Carter Shanklin announced the winners of the contest. 1st prize: The guest provisioning system of LucD. This application lets you provision your VMs in an easy way. You can set the options from one screen no clicking around to configure

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PowerGui integrates with VI Client

Dmitri over at Dmitry’s PowerBlog just posted about the integration between PowerGui and the VI client. I had already installed the PowerGUI 1.5.1 version but hadn’t noticed the plugin for the VI Client. This makes managing your VMware environment using 

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VI Toolkit 1.0 Released

Last week VMware officially released the VI Toolkit for Windows. They replaced get-viserver with connect-viserver. get-viserver is now an alias for connect-viserver. disconnect-viserver was added which allows you to do a clean disconnect. Hence the rename of the get-viserver cmdlet.

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Pimp My PowerShell

Jeffrey Snover posted a solution for speeding up the PowerShell start-up long time ago. I only noticed it lasted week :-( Check it out:

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