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MusicBee DI Radio Station List

I’ve been checking out MusicBee for my tunes since reading about it in the Lifehacker article Top 10 Underhyped Windows Apps (applications actually). Besides adding some local files I also wanted to import the entire list of Digitally Imported radio stations,

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Start/Stop Tech Support Mode on vSphere hosts

After the installation of the latest vSphere 4.1 patches all hosts displayed a warning about Local & Remote Tech Support Mode being enabled. As I didn’t file like manually stopping the services on every host I took the time to

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Command Based Help Gotcha

I’ve had the chance to play around with some PowerShell scripting again. A nice occasion to try and include some Comment Based Help I read about in TechNet Magazine a couple of months ago. However I couldn’t get it to

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PowerCLI autocompletion for Notepad++

Notepad++ supports Powershell from version v5.6 but the VMware PowerCLI cmdlets aren’t included. So I created PowerCLI Language definition file for syntax highlighting. It contains the cmdlets available in vSphere PowerCLI 4 Update 1 and vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI 4

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Adding permissions on printers using powershell

I needed to add a group of users to the ACL of all our printers. As we currently have about 100 printers; I looked if I could use powershell for this.Currently on Windows server 2008 there are no built in

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Split CSV to TXT

Question: How to split a csv file in one txt file per line? The first column in the CSV provides the name for the TXT-file and the second one the contents.

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ADFind Oneliners

I’m very fond of the powerful AdFind command line utility from Here’s a little list I’m keeping for my own reference: Find the user behind a GUID: Likewise, you can use the same tool to find the e-mail address

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