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If you’re interested to know a little bit more about me than you have come to the right place.

As you might have guessed from this blogs “vanity” domain name, my name is Koen Vermoesen. I was born in 1977 in the city most famous for its carnival. After studying electronics I had a first job experience at well known systems integrator. After a year or two I was given the opportunity to start working for a European support department of Nestlé. I ended up in a team responsible for migrating and supporting Exchange Server in the whole of Europe and some parts of Africa. When that company was closed down because of an off-shoring initiative, I joined Xylos. I didn’t do anything exchange related the first few years, but have since returned to my old love. I’m currently employed as a Technology Consultant focusing on Messaging, Unified Communications and Archiving. Besides that technical role I recently took on a challenge as competence center lead “Messaging”.

After being stuck behind a keyboard and monitor for some long hours I like to do some sports. I’ve started of playing floor ball at age 11 and took on ice skating multiples times a week soon after that. At age 18 I finally managed to realize a childhoods dream and combine both of these hobbies by joining a brand new ice hockey team. After playing on a competitive level for about 6 years I found a new hobby in mountain bike marathons. Two kids born within less than 13 months of each other and house to renovate put an end to such challenges. For the moment I content myself with some jogging accompanied by my dog “Deli” (a Golden Retriever).

If you’re interested in the things that occupy me professionally I suggest you check out these links:

Furthermore I’m also more or less active in a number of forums. The ones that apply to my profession are listed below:

You might not have guessed from all of the Links above but I’m involved with some non-Microsoft products to:

If you want to get in touch you can comment on a specific post or this particular page if you want to get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact me via e-mail:


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  1. […] looking for a better Blog Title… HomeAbout Koen Sep 07 2011 Leave a comment […]

  2. […] looking for a better Blog Title… HomeAbout Koen Sep 07 2011 Leave a comment […]

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