MEC 2012 Day 0

Several months ago I learned about this one legendary conference, dedicated to Microsoft Exchange, that was going to rise again. I didn’t took a lot of effort to convince the Xylos Management to let me attend. Thx + Me happy.

So, on sunday 23rd I kissed the kids and Mrs. goodby and flew to Orlando via Frankfurt. I had a feeling (a PacMan t-shirt certainly helps) that the person sitting besides might be attending the same conference: MEC. It proved to be the Marketing Manager from Code2, known by me for its solution for Outlook signatures.

I kind of dredded spending 11h+ in airplanes but killed the time with 2 movies and a document that needed some more work. Arriving in Orlando was a bit surreal because of the bright sunlight around midnight (our time zone that is). Had a good flight but I guess I will “have to” add noise cancelling headphones to my whishlist.

The lastpass geo-restrictions proved very effective and I couldn’t even get into my own live account (still can’t). People behind the registration desk helped me out with the registration, but the “MyMEC” portal remains a mistery to me.

I hindsight I should’ve left on saturday as a number people did. By the time I arrived the preconf activities already finished, and I missed a couple of networking opportunities. However, I did get in touch with a couple of Dutch MCMs in the Sportsbar. Watched American Football on a 4m (given and take) high television screen, all in the interest of staying up late enough to get into the new rhythm. There are worse things…

From a gadget point of view I’ve equipped my old iPad1(looking for W8RT sponsors) with a Kensington Keyfolio. In theory this should be an almost perfect balance between portability, battery life and ease of typing, thus allowing me to do some decent note taking. Some light twitter use might also come in handy. I’ll try write a word or two on how that worked out, I know some people also find those experiences entertaining reading material.

More comming up in the next couple of days.



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