Tivoli TDP for mail requires CAS role on DAG node

The first version of TDP for Mail supporting Exchange Server 2010 was released during the summer holiday season. A customer was validating functionality offered for restoring individual mails/mailboxes.

Full database backup/restores were working fine and we deployed the mapi toolkit as documented in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail: Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server Installation and User’s Guide V6.1.2. Didn’t work. The customer subsequently contacts Tivoli support and comes back with the answer “install the CAS role on your MBX servers”.

That let to kind of a “huh?” moment as we used the Exchange Server role based architecture in our deployment. A clever colleague of mine came up with a document confirming that statement:

In order to perform Mailbox Restore (IMR) operations on Exchange Server 2010, the Exchange Server that you are performing the mailbox restore on must have the Mailbox Server Role and the Client Access Server (CAS) Role.
Workaround: Perform the mailbox restore operation on an Exchange server that has the Mailbox Server Role and Client Access Server (CAS) Role.

Source: Known Issues and Limitations: Version 2.2 FlashCopy® Manager for Microsoft Exchange & V6.1.x Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server

What we did not find were any “design” guidelines. So a couple of questions remain:

  • Do we need to install the CAS role on every MBX server?
  • Do we need database copies (we’re talking DAG here) on the server with MBX+CAS roles? Do they need to be active?
  • Can we use a “management” server with an empty db, outside of the DAG for this?
  • How are we going to shield this CAS from users and applications?

Al lot of questions and few answers in a project that is nearing completion. Hence we recommended the customer to use the recovery database feature and restore-mailbox management shell cmdlet to restore individual items. Worked perfectly.

Anyway, I’m still interested to learn how IBM thinks we should set this up in an environment that does not deploy all roles on a single server. Which is not the type of customers that would pick TSM as there backup software of choice in the first place.



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  1. TheRealShrimp says:

    Makes me think about Exchange 2000, where a recovery server was required.

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