TechDays BeLux 2010 Day 2

Second and last day of the conference.

There wasn’t any session that closely matched my core business. In the end I selected one solely based on the speaker:

Meet WAIK 2.0 and Volume Activation 2.0 (Rhonda Layfield)

I’m not very familiar with workstation deployment processes but Rhonda tried to change that. She covered most of the tools provided by MS in their Windows AIK (Automated Installation Kit):

  • WinPE
  • WPEUtil
  • ImageX
  • DISM: service images offline
  • WSIM: deploying the image
  • USMT

Breakout: NetApp

Too much background noise. Marketing.

Direct Access Part 1 (John Craddock)

Well, what can I say. I certainly didn’t expected a IPv6 “deep dive” (relatively speaking). IT was kind of fun nonetheless.

Moving to Exchange 2010 (Scott Schnoll)

Implementing Exchange 2010 will be the thing I’ll be putting in practice in the near future. So I chose this session over Direct Access part II. There wasn’t anything terribly new but certainly a nice review.

Introduction to OCS 14 (Francois Doremieux)

The interest in this session was a bit underestimated apparently as people had to sit on the stairs. The presenter expected a more developer oriented audience to apparently. There came no reaction at all when the speaker asked:

Who’s a developer? Please raise your hand.

There were some demo’s of the newest communicator but I guess there’s I can think of to remember.

Breakout: Social Networking with SharePoint (Mike Martin)

A “concullega” at my current assignment did a little presentation on a social networking solution they build on top op SharePoint. He had a hard time competing with the Public Address (PA) system in the exhibition hall.

Planning and Deploying VDI (Corey Hynes)

The key message Corey tried to pass was to check make sure your needs cannot be covered by ordinary Remote Desktop Services (RDS) rather than jumping to VDI.

The level of the presentation was just about right for me. We’re nearing the end of the conference after all.

A true geek moment when Cory showed off a youtube video he shot on Citrix Provisioning Server:

New voice capabilities and infrastructure in OCS 14(Francois Doremieux)

W14 was only announced last week @ voicecon? I had the impression the speakers was avoiding a number of subjects he could not discus yet. Important to remember:

  • Survivable Branch Appliances
  • PowerShell support

That’s it for this year


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