Foxit eSlick Unboxing

Apart from a NAS, there was one other device on my wish list for some time already; an eReader. Originally I was looking into devices with a relatively big (8+ inch) screen. However I settled for a 6 inch unit as the larger ones are either too expensive or being delayed.

Anyway I defined my needs as:

  • PDF support. PDF is, in theorie, more a standard for print then a true ebook format but a lot of technical books come in this format.
  • Not tied to a specific reseller; meaning Kindle, Nook and the likes are “No Go”.
  • Ability to sideload most of the content. I don’t intent to buy a lot of novels online. I want to read technical documents or use services like Instapaper to generate ebooks from online content.
  • Don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve never actually used such a gadget so there’s always a risk that I end end up not liking the technology.
  • I consider WIFI,  Touchscreen and other features as nice to haves. I don’t absolutely need them.

I ended up buying a Foxit Eslick. It’s not the latest and greatest but it does what I want it to do (without a lot of bells and whistles) and is one of the cheapest ereaders on the market.

Here are some unboxing photos:

front of the box back of the box contents Compared to a DVD case Compared to a DVD case Compared to a DVD case in the cover left side: music, settings, return, settings and delete buttons bottom: mini USB and audio connectors right side with zoom/volume buttons top: power button and SD-card slot front: rocker key with select button in the middle opening the user manual page 1 of the user manual in portrait orientation page 1 of the user manual in landscape orientation home screen some sample ebooks are already loadedthe settings menu about picture of some graphics in the user manual

Next step is loading some content on the unit.



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