Synology DS710+ Wake-on-Lan demonstrated

One of the important features of the new (unboxing here) Atom based Synology NASses is Wake-On-Lan. This technology keeps the network interface powered on when the remainder of the device is powered of. The goal is to let you power on the device over the network by sending a “magic packet”, which is based on the MAC-address of the target network adapter.

The MAC address of a Synology NAS can be found in the admin interface:

2010-03-01-SynologyDS710Plus-WoL-00For those of you looking how to remotely shutdown the NAS while testing; the command can be found in the right top corner ;-)

First of all you should activate the WoL feature under “System > Power”:


I decided to give free SolarWinds WoL utility a try as suggested by smallnetbuilder. It’s limited featureset is more than sufficient for a little home network, but you’ll need to provide an e-mail address before they allow you to download it.

Open the SolarWinds Wake-On-Lan tool and enter both the IP- and MAC-address of your NAS. Click the “Wake Up PC”-button:

2010-03-01-SynologyDS710Plus-WoL-01 Click “OK” on the notification window:

2010-03-01-SynologyDS710Plus-WoL-02 A little monitor pops up…

2010-03-01-SynologyDS710Plus-WoL-03 …and alerts you when the target is powered on.


The whole process takes about a minute.

After having this solution approved by the Misses I scheduled the NAS to power down every night @ 3AM.


This leaves sufficient of a time window to use the NAS for downloading stuff overnight:


“Nachtsurfen” as we call it (between 00:00 and 10:00) reduces the download limit with only 50% of the size of the downloaded package.


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