Synology DS710+ Unboxing

I’m using a WD NetCenter for my home storage needs since about 3.5 years. This unit is not only very slow but it also has a very basic feature-set. It’s not possible to reorganize your data (move files around, rename shares etc) via the web interface. There’s no console access possible either.

Hence a decent NAS was on my wishlist for some time already. The needs/nice-to-haves I had in mind were:

  • 2 or 4 disk model:  I want to use RAID (on top of regular backups) to better protect my data, so 2 hard disks is a minimum. A 4 disk unit might be more future proof.
  • Capacity: The NetCenter unit has only 500Gb, but data is growing steadily as the Misses likes to play around with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. I’ll start with recuperating 2x 1Tb disk I have sitting in another machine. I can upgrade to 2x 2Tb later if needed.
  • Network: gigabit
  • Budget: not unlimited ;-)
  • Full-featured management tools
  • Some form of Download manager
  • Better performance
  • Energy saving features e.g. hibernation, WOL etc…
  • ISCI

When Synology published the official press release on the DS710+ last week it was time to treat myself on a late, it’s February after all, new years present. It went quite fast actually:

  1. 11/02 – Press release
  2. 15/02 – Noticed the device in a trusted web shop as “out of stock”. Signed up to be notified by e-mail notification when the device is in stock.
  3. 16/02 – “In stock” e-mail notification. Ordered about half an hour before the deadline for next day delivery.
  4. 17/02 – Package arrived about 14(!) hours later

Last but not least, the unboxing pics;

I did look into QNAP too as they have a similar unit, Ts-259 Pro-Turbo, but went for Synology because the communtity seems lager in our region and the features match a tiny bit better with my needs. For those interested; both manufacturers have demo environment of their management tools online:

Update 2010-03-06: If I wetted your appetite with the pics above, proceed to for some detailed shots of the internals of Synology’s DS710+


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7 comments on “Synology DS710+ Unboxing
  1. […] of the important features of the new (unboxing here) Atom based Synology NASses is Wake-On-Lan. This technology keeps the network interface powered on […]

  2. lu wouters says:

    Hi Koen ,
    I’m in the same position as you and have to make the same decision as you.
    Tell me , what makes the difference for you between the Qnap and the Synology ?
    Where are you from , because you speak of region ?
    I’m from Belgium.

    thanks for the answer

    • Hi Lu,

      As implied, there are only minor differences between Qnap and Synology. It was also a close call for me. The reasons why I chose Synology are:

      • The community around Synology seems bigger (e.g.
      • more end user features/add-ons that I might actually use
      • better software and/or more firmware updates
      • Last but not least; one of my colleagues had a Synology and was very satisfied with it

      I’m from Belgium too, as you might have guest from the “.be” TLD.



      • Lu Wouters says:

        Hallo Koen ,

        Ik veronderstel dat je wel nederlands spreekt.
        Mag ik vragen waar heeft U de synology 710+ besteld en welke schijven zitten erin ?

        Lu Wouters

  3. Michiel says:

    Beste Koen,

    Heb je ervaring met de DS710+ i.c.m. Squeezebox Server ?
    Zo ja, werkt hibernation ofwel de standby functie van de hd’s nog als je SB server hebt ingeschakeld ?

    • Hey Michiel,

      Je postte een comment tijdens mijn vakantie. Bijgevolg zat die nogal onderaan met lijstje “to read/treat”. Ik zelf geen ervaring met squeezebox server, gebruik namelijk de ingebouwde itunes server/audiostation.

      Ik kan enkel suggeren deze topic op GoT te doorzoeken.



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