How To back up posts to Evernote

When announced the e-mail subscription feature end of last year I immediately started thinking about using it in combination with Evernote to create automatic backups of my blog posts.

Here’s a little how to:

Add the e-mail subscriptions widget to your blog 2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote01 Log out of WordPress to make sure it doesn’t recognize your existing WordPress account.2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote02 Log in to Evernote and copy you Evernote e-mail address from the settings page 2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote03 Surf to your own blog and subscribe with your Evernote mail address.2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote04 As usual when signing up for something on the internet you’ll need to confirm that the e-mail address you provided is really yours by clicking on an activation link. In this case the mail is sent to Evernote. It will be automatically converted to a new note by their services.2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote05Choose daily or weekly schedule. Corrections made after publishing your post might not be included in the copy sent to Evernote when selecting  the “immediate” schedule. 2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote06 More details under “settings”:2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote08All posts will be automatically forwarded to Evernote and converted to notes.2010-01-04-WordPressAndEvernote07

I’m keeping them in a separate notebook as you can see. As far as I know there’s are no “inbox rules” that you can create to do that automatically for you, so you need to do some drag & drop now and then. & Evernote; Better Together?

Note: WordPress (both *.com & *.org) offer you the ability to export.backup your entire blog to an XML file

While you can use it to restore your entire blog, it’s not a human readable format. So it’s not a solution for quick access to some of your old content.


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  1. Lauren says:


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  3. frorywhenorgo says:

    send you post: to my @cetimvut twitter

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