Bulk Creating Active Directory groups

One of my colleagues gave me a list of AD groups for the sharepoint environment he’s confguring. Instead of creating them manually I used the Quest ActiveRoles management shell.

import-csv ‘SecurityGroups.csv’ | foreach {
New-QADGroup -Parent $_.ParentContainer -Name $_.Name -sAM $_.Name -GroupScope $_.GroupScope -GroupType $_.GroupType

This script imports a .csv file to create the security groups. The .csv file contains the OU distinguished name, the group Name, the group type (security or distribution) and finally the scope (Domain Local, Global or Universal).

It looks like this:


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3 comments on “Bulk Creating Active Directory groups
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  2. Joshua says:

    Worked a treat thanks very much!

  3. Charles Pippin says:

    One small change.. The header of your csv file must have each header object name in quotes. Other than that small change, this works GREAT!

    Thank you for sharing!

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