TechDays BeLux 2009 Day 2

Bart De Smet on PowerShell v2Session 1: PowerShell v2 (Bart De Smet)

Bart kicked of the last day of this event with a session on PSv2. After outlining the PS mission (as integrated with the OS as bash, as programmatic as Perl/python, as …) he explained the deliverables for PSv2:

  • Make it easier to use and learn
  • Layer apps on top of PS
  • Managed everything, everywhere

The demo’s of Graphical PowerShell, Debugger, new Cmdlets, modules, Native Code and remoting were enough to make me start thinking about installing Win7 on my personal laptop ;-)

Session 2: Sysvol replication – FRS vs. DFS-R (Rhonda Layfield)

Rhonda discussed the strengths and weakness of both FRS (File Replication Service) and DFS-R (Distributed File System – Replication), the benefits of using the latter for sysvol replication and the procedure to migrate from one to the other.

Jorge de Almeida Pinto on Object Recovery in ADSession 3: Object Recovery in AD (Jorge de Almeida Pinto)

Prior to this session there was a general power cut. The speaker announced a delay of half an hour. But when we returned the presentation had already started. We missed the first couple of slides. Jorge basically covered the solutions for restoring accidentally deleted items from Windows 2000 up to Windows Server 2008 R2, including the new AD Recycle Bin feature.

Ilse van Criekinge on CCR & SCRSession 4: Exchange Server 2007 High Availability (Ilse van Criekinge)

Yet another presentation by Ilse. This time covering Continuous Replication. After uncovering the 4 High Availability methods in Exchange Server 2007 (LCR, SCC, CCR & SCR) she went into a more detailed comparison of SCC (Single Copy Cluster) and CCR (Cluster Continuous Replication).

Last but not least we got into a bit more details about lost log resilience, log roll, reseeding and the transport dumpster.

Sam Hassani on Patching SharepointSession 5: Patching Sharepoint (Sam Hassani)

This session was way to specific for me as I don’t have any particular knowledge about the Product.

Session 6: Network Monitor (Rhonda Layfield)

Rhonda entertained us with with a session about net latest versions of Network Monitor 3.2 & 3.3 beta.

Back to work now…


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