TechDays BeLux 2009 Preconference

The first day of the TechDays Conference was filled with session on Windows Server 2008 R2, at least for the people following the IT Pro track. Here’s a little transcript of the day:

Daniel Van Soest on Streamlined ManagementSession 1: Streamlined Management (Daniel Van Soest)

Daniel’s session covered the improvements brought to us by W2K8R2. He started of with the Unified Management Framework featuring an extended Resource Monitor and Best Practice analyzers for AD, DNS, IIS and so on. Next subject was Server Core which will contain a basic .net framework allowing us to install PowerShell on Server Core. We continued with some  Remote Shell demo’s in the Windows Remote Management section. After tackling some problems with his microphone the coolness factor went crescendo with PowerShell V2:

  • Graphical PowerShell via the PowerShell ISE (= Integrated Scripting Environment)
  • New AD Cmdlets (See the Pipelining AD blog)
  • PowerShell Remoting (The N° 1 disappointment when a initially learned about PS as I was heavily using PSTools at that time for managing servers remotely)

Last but not least we covered the AD Recycle Bin feature as the most important  AD in 2K8R2 improvement.

Arlindo Alves on Cluster Shared VolumesSession 2: Clustered Shared Volumes (Arlindo Alves)

After a quick break Arlindo discussed this new Windows fail-over clustering feature which allows for concurrent access to cluster disks. Arlindo covered these topics (unfortunately the Internet connection proved a bit flaky during the demos):

  • cluster validation tool
  • migrate/upgrade scenario’s
  • PowerShell support (might replace cluster.exe in the future)
  • New High Availability Roles: DFS-Replication & Remote Desktop Services
  • CSV are specifically targeted at Hyper-V (all other roles are not supported)
  • Network Prioritization is back
  • Quick migration vs. Live Migration
  • CSV vs. Backup

Corey Hynes on VirtualisationSession 3: Virtualisation in Server 2008 R2 (Corey Hynes)

Right after lunch Corey Hynes discussed the entire range of virtualisation solutions available in R2; Hyper-V, VDI, Presentation virtualisation etc AND showed us a couple of Windows 7 bluescreens.

Session 4: BrancheCache (Vikram Ghosh)

I had a hard time staying “concentrated” during this session. The least interesting one of the day from my point of view.

Session 5: DirectAccess (Kai Axford)

Kai definitely didn’t have any problems with the audio equipment, as a matter of fact I believe he could do very well without any amplifier at all ;-) He came all the way from Texas to present the DirectAccess feature which aims to replace the VPN technology.

The remainder of the crappy pics (taken with my Nokia 6300 mobile phone):

Kick OffVikram Ghosh on BranchCacheKai Axford on DirectAccessTechDaysBelux2009Preconference004TechDaysBelux2009Preconference005TechDaysBelux2009Preconference006TechDaysBelux2009Preconference014

Let’s hope the demo gods are present tomorrow.


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